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Maybe it's because they want to distract you from their bad votes by lying about Herb McMillan's conservative record.

John Grasso is a Jessica Haire puppet, likely pulled in by the Haires (with a promise of a job in her potential administration) to pull votes away from Herb McMillan. Either that or he has no integrity, because Grasso is perpetuating her lies by distributing them on Facebook.

But what do you expect from a Republican who voted for the Rain Tax and has publicly had to apologize for bullying his constituents?

Grasso and Haire’s lack of experience in government is indicated by their inability to read General Assembly legislation and understand it, before publicizing misinformation and actual lies to the public. Or they actually understood the legislation, and they are intentionally lying to the public.

Either way, voters should realize that during these challenging times of inflation, high gas prices, higher Pittman taxes, defunding police, CRT in schools, and other crises, we need experienced conservative leadership with integrity to put Anne Arundel County on a better track for the future.

A sign of desperation from the Jessica Haire Campaign...

In mid-May, Jessica's campaign sent a mailer claiming Herb voted yes to Covid vaccines by citing a 2017 bill!

Earth to Jessica: How can a 2017 bill be about Covid vaccines when Covid originated in late 2019?

FACT: Herb McMillan has led the fight against Covid closures and mandated vaccines. See here and here.

MORE FACTS: And earlier this year, he took Steuart Pittman to task for bribing county employees to get jabbed...see here.

If you are one of the few Anne Arundel County residents who can find liberal Republican Jessica Haire out on the campaign trail, take a minute to ask her why she is resorting to lying about Herb McMillan's conservative record and agenda.

In the race for Anne Arundel County Executive, only conservative Republican Herb McMillan has a real plan to cut taxes, cut crime, and cut Steuart Pittman's wasteful spending!

Only Herb McMillan will protect your freedom from government overreach!

...And we can trust former Navy pilot Herb McMillan will get it done because he's done it before.

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We can trust Herb McMillan to cut taxes because he’s done it before and he’ll do it again.

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