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If you listen to the news these days, you might think America’s best days are behind us. Almost every issue is presented by the media as a crisis, with no room for compromise, and very little tolerance for those who disagree with their narrative. Even worse, rather than governing with humility and accepting disagreement with civility, many politicians have become used to governing by executive order, and limiting citizen presence and participation at council and schoolboard meetings. They seem to have forgotten that THEY exist to serve “ordinary” people, and that WE don’t exist to blindly obey them. So, on this anniversary of 9-11, that horrific day when over 3,000 Americans lost their lives in a terrorist attack, it’s fitting for us to remember them, and to reflect upon some of the things we learned about ourselves that day. 

First, the strength of America comes from our people, not from our politicians. On 9-11, you didn’t see many politicians at ground zero; you did see thousands of “ordinary” Americans rushing to the aide of their fellow citizens, without any thought for their own safety. 

Second, whenever the chips have been down, “ordinary” Americans have never failed to do the extraordinary things necessary to ensure our country not only survives, but prevails. 

And finally, we “ordinary” Americans are extraordinarily dedicated to the safety and well-being of each other, and the love of liberty that unites us all. It may take time, but we always come through. As Ronald Reagan said, “America’s strength is in We the People.” 

First, last, and always, the strength of America is us; ordinary Americans who’ve always risen to the occasion to do extraordinary things. That’s been true throughout our history; it was never more apparent than on September 11,2001; and it’s still true today. 

Keep the Faith. We got through 9-11 together, and we will get through these challenging times together as well. America is us, America is strong, and we will keep America free. Our best days are yet to be.

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