Statement by County Executive Candidate Herb McMillan


I’m excited by the tremendous support we’ve had from the many Anne Arundel County families and small business owners who’ve contributed to our campaign and helped us meet our first fundraising goal! Our families are struggling with inflation, taxes that are already too high, and the promise of even higher taxes from Stu Pittman. Times are tough, and I’m committed to running a strong, tightly budgeted campaign. I’ll spend your contributions wisely, just as I will your tax dollars-because it’s your money! I’ll always work hard to justify your support.

That’s why while one of my opponents wrote a personal check for $500,000 to her campaign, and spent $260,000 on television ads, I’ve been knocking on doors and attending community events to meet voters personally, listen to their concerns, and share my record of proven experience and trusted, conservative, leadership. She claims that having $600,000 in her campaign account shows she has “strength.” What it really shows is that she will write her campaign a personal check for $500,000 to mislead you about, “ her lead in fundraising.”

She isn’t fooling anyone. With $200,000* cash-on-hand from real contributions, the McMillan campaign is running a tight, responsible campaign with focused spending. We’ve met our first campaign fundraising goal, raising over $250,000.* I’m confident voters who are tired of fat-cats and special interests running the show will help us stay on track with fundraising. Your support will allow us to fully fund our campaign plan, and defeat a Republican political machine that puts the wants of its members ahead of conservative values and the needs of our county.

To those who’ve contributed so far, and to those who’ve pledged to donate in the future, thank you; and to the many volunteers contributing their time and energy to our campaign, we thank you too. To those who haven’t yet contributed or volunteered, but want to get Anne Arundel County back on course, join our team at

Because it’s your money. Because it’s your government. Because it’s your freedom.

*Accurate. BOE numbers incorrect due to BOE reporting system malfunction.

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