Responsible Growth

As County Executive, I will balance our needs for development, infrastructure, protecting existing neighborhoods, and the environment.

As our population and businesses expand, the McMillan administration will work hard to make Anne Arundel County a more affordable and pleasant place for our families to live. Through lower taxes and responsible growth, we can provide good schools, protect the character of our existing neighborhoods, ensure reliable infrastructure, and offer more affordable, middle-class homes. We want our children and grandchildren to live in Anne Arundel County, not leave for other places that offer better opportunities for housing and employment.

Going forward, we should properly manage rather than completely discourage growth and development. The Pittman Administration’s no-growth policy has driven up the cost of housing by reducing the supply of homes available. Demand is high and, consequently, rent for an apartment is almost as high as a home mortgage throughout many parts of the county. That’s unacceptable, both for renters and prospective home buyers.

The best way to make homes sufficiently available and affordable is to build homes people want, in accordance with our laws, infrastructure requirements, and environmental guidelines. I staunchly oppose high taxes on property sales, which is the Pittman administration’s policy to create more affordable housing. That’ll change when I’m County Executive.

Re-development and adaptive re-use can help meet the county’s current and future needs for residential, commercial, and industrial development. This will encourage development in areas where the county has already significantly invested in roads, water and sewer, schools, and other infrastructure. It will also serve to preserve agriculture, ecologically sensitive areas, and green space, while ensuring that aging neighborhoods do not become blighted and magnets for crime.

We will protect our rural areas by supporting actions and activities that promote agriculture. We will promote agriculturally friendly businesses and disincentivize activities or programs that interfere with agriculture and the rural character that we appreciate in parts of the county.

We Must Reduce Traffic Congestion

As part of our responsible growth program, I will incorporate the latest road and infrastructure technology into planning and design, so we can reduce congestion at intersections and key thoroughfares and decrease traffic accidents and fatalities. We can make our streets and roads safer for pedestrians and drivers alike, and minimize traffic delays. Development must be supported by infrastructure, and that infrastructure must be funded by development.

A critical component of responsible growth is protecting our environment, especially the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay is an important local treasure that is vital to our way of life, recreation, and economy. We cannot allow our county’s growth to adversely impact it. We must also maintain natural areas not only for their beauty but for their contribution towards healthy living, giving residents local parks for recreation while maintaining sufficient green areas around the county. We can maintain a balance of nature with responsible development that will benefit all of us.

Herb McMillan Is Independent & Free of Special Interests' Influence

For too long, growth and development have been treated as all-or-nothing propositions. Neither of these extreme positions is good for our county. I am independent of special interests on both sides of these extremes and focused on serving you. As your County Executive, I will ensure Anne Arundel County follows a path of responsible growth, that balances our needs for development, infrastructure, protecting existing neighborhoods, and the environment. Growth can benefit all of us, but it must be done responsibly.

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