Public Safety

"Police officers can count on Herb to have their backs and keep the community safe."
- Don Wilson
Former Anne Arundel County Police Officer

As County Executive, I will restore support for the Anne Arundel County Police Department and ensure cops on the street have the support and resources they need.

You deserve to be safe in your home. And when you leave home and go about your day, you deserve to know you and your family are safe and secure anywhere in Anne Arundel County.

To make that a reality, we must take a firm stand against violent crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and gang activity in Anne Arundel County. Nationwide, we have seen what happens when local governments fail to draw a hard line against violent crime and disorder in neighborhoods where they are a problem. Crime becomes worse, and then spills over into other neighborhoods. That’s unacceptable. As a state delegate, I voted to strengthen penalties and punishments for criminals, especially those who are violent or repeat offenders, fought efforts to reduce parole, and opposed efforts to coddle illegal immigrant felons. As your next County Executive, I will make sure criminals know that Anne Arundel County is tough on crime, because I take my responsibility to protect you and your family seriously.

Herb McMillan Will Support Police & Give Them The Tools They Need To Protect & Serve

We will also increase police presence in neighborhoods victimized by criminals. I have a long record of increasing funding for law enforcement, without raising taxes, and working with our communities to make them safer. I’ll do the same as your County Executive. And we will reinstitute the 287g program that allows us to work in concert with the federal government to hold illegal immigrant felons until they can be deported, a program that was eliminated by our current County Executive.

The security of our citizens is the primary function of government, and it comes before anything else. As a Navy pilot, I knew that protecting our country was my mission, and that I would be supported by our country when I was in harm’s way. Law enforcement must have the same support in Anne Arundel County. While they work to protect our families and neighborhoods, our police need to know they will have the funding they need, the equipment and tools to keep our communities safe, and the support of the County Executive when they lay their lives on the line to protect us. That hasn’t been true over the last four years. It will be when I’m the County Executive.

Public safety includes many critical components in addition to law enforcement. Firefighters and paramedics, school resource officers, resources that protect victims of domestic violence, combat opioid abuse, and support mental health services, especially for veterans in need, are all an important part of our public safety network. As a former councilman and state delegate, from funding more school resource officers, increasing the availability of mental health services, and adding more shelters to assist and protect victims of domestic violence, I’ve worked to improve all of these, and will always their importance to our safety.

Public Safety & Safe Neighborhoods Is Herb McMillan's Priority

As your County Executive, I’ll ensure we have a public safety program for Anne Arundel County that not only protects us on the streets, but also fully coordinates all of our resources in support of that effort. I will work with the County Council and General Assembly to get the funding we need, and coordinate with our law enforcement, first responders, States Attorney, community organizations, and nonprofits to make our streets and neighborhoods secure. Because you deserve to be safe.

Herb's Platform

"A neighbor, a friend, a tried and true tax fighter..."

-George Gallagher, Annapolis

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