Herb McMillan's Campaign Platform

A Stronger, Leaner Anne Arundel County

A New Direction for Anne Arundel County: The Pillars of the McMillan Administration

As a councilman, state delegate, and President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, I’ve been your voice for fiscally conservative values, fighting to lower taxes and cut wasteful government spending. My consistent campaign slogan, “Because it’s your money!” communicated that, and underscored my personal commitment to you, the taxpayer.

Looking towards the future of Anne Arundel County, it’s still about your money but it’s also about so much more. As a dad, Navy veteran, community leader, and someone who has worked hard as public servant, I’m alarmed by the direction of our county. Stu Pittman is marching in lockstep with President Biden’s inflationary economic policies and far-left social agenda. Pittman has us on a dangerous path of big spending, higher taxes, dictatorial Covid mandates, politicized schools, disrespect for law enforcement, and a host of other policies that are against our values and harmful to our communities.

The stakes are high. It’s still about your money, but it’s also about your children. It’s about your families. It’s about your business or your job. It’s about your government, and whether you will run it or it will run you. It’s about your freedom. But most of all, it’s about your future.

My character and values were shaped by my education at the U.S. Naval Academy and my service as a Navy pilot. These values will guide my leadership as we take Anne Arundel County in a new direction towards a secure future that puts our families, small businesses, and communities first, built on the principles of fiscal reform, free enterprise, and individual freedom.


-Economy & Taxes

A strong economy means a stronger Anne Arundel County.

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-Public Safety

You deserve to be safe in your neighborhood.

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-Growth & Development

Responsible growth, offering a better balance between development, the environment, infrastructure needs, and existing neighborhoods.

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An education system that puts parents over politics.

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Protecting our Constitutional liberties to ensure our freedom and democracy.

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