Pittman’s policies need to be reversed

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The following Letter to the Editor first appeared here in the Capital Gazette.

Thank you to Herb McMillan for pulling back the curtain on County Executive Steuart Pittman. Not only has Pittman raised every major tax in the county, but also he wants to raise property taxes further, arguing that Anne Arundel property taxes are lower than some surrounding counties. While lower tax rates make the county a more attractive place to live, Pittman sees that as an opportunity to further gouge taxpayers. Throughout Pittman’s tenure he seems to have been in a contest with other local leaders, such as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, to see who can be the most woke and anti-business.

Pittman suddenly has been speaking like a pro-business leader, but his policies have shown nothing but contempt for workers and business owners. Restaurant owners had to resort to a lawsuit just to stay open and stave off bankruptcy. Parents have had to fight to get their kids back in school. Only a full reversal of Pittman’s policies, not disingenuous talk, will bring the county back to prosperity.

Steve Slattery, Shady Side

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