McMillan Calls for Haire to Give Back Unethical $90K Developer Contribution

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July 11, 2022

For Immediate Release

Contact: Herb McMillan c443-822-0974

Anne Arundel County Executive Candidate Herb McMillan called on his Republican Primary opponent, Councilwoman Jessica Haire, to return $90,000 in contributions she has received from the Halle family and their company, National Waste Management.

“Jessica Haire has received $90,000 in contributions from a developer who wants to create a landfill in Anne Arundel County that would be filled with rubble such as lead pipes, asbestos, and tires. I’m opposed to this landfill. Perhaps Jessica Haire considers dumping refuse from other states in Anne Arundel County “economic development,” but I don’t.  My administration will bring good jobs to Anne Arundel County, not refuse from other states, and my administration will be a fair referee on land use and development decisions. We won’t make backroom deals for campaign contributions at the expense of our citizens’ welfare.

I’m calling on Jessica Haire to return the $90,000 in known contributions she received from the Halle family and National Waste Management. Unethical campaign contributions like this are part of a culture of corruption I am running against. One can only wonder how much the Halle’s have also contributed to the Washington-based PAC Anne Arundel Forward, which is also part of the Haire swamp. Anne Arundel Forward PAC has no contribution limits, donor identities are kept secret, and it is supporting both Haire and Grasso by attacking me. 

These “pay-to-play” contributions from out-of-county developers to Jessica Haire are a disgrace. The notion that Jessica Haire knew nothing about the connection between the Halle’s and their push for this dump when she accepted their contributions indicates that she’s either too out of touch to be county executive or too unethical. No one believes contributions of this size just show up.

It’s time to drain the swamp.”

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