Herb McMillan’s Statement Regarding County Executive Pittman’s 2023 County Budget Comments

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Let’s call what Pittman calls “higher than expected revenues” that led to a massive surplus in county funds, what it really is– money Pittman took from Anne Arundel County’s hard working families with his rain, property, and income tax hikes. And let’s not forget the higher trash fees he imposed too. 

The county’s surplus is largely a result of Pittman’s tax hikes; he took more money from the people than necessary and  made the county treasury richer. Now more than ever, the hard-working families of Anne Arundel County deserve to have their money back where it belongs– in their pockets. 

Raising county income taxes by 12%, and then giving back less than 1% of the increase is not tax relief, it’s an election year gimmick. After excessively taxing us, Pittman wants to increase the Rainy Day Fund, another scheme for him to keep our hard-earned money away from us and sitting in the county’s savings account. With inflation at 8.5% and gas prices having doubled in the last 2 months, our families bank accounts, not the county’s savings account, need the money.  

Rather than increasing the size of the county savings account, the McMillan Tax Cut ‘N Cap would give a 12% income tax cut to everyone, so you can increase the size of your bank account instead, and then cap county income taxes so politicians can’t raise them without a voter referendum. 

It’s time for our county government to live within our means. A surplus of this size, and Pittman’s refusal to return it to those who earned it, shows how urgently we need the McMillan Tax Cut ‘N Cap. Let’s put county surplus funds back in the pockets of the people who earned the money, instead of the county’s savings account.  

This November, let’s make sure this is the last time Stu Pittman takes and keeps money you earned, that the county is not using, and does not need.

I’ve cut taxes before and I’ll do it again. As your next County Executive, I promise all of  our hard-working families, veterans, seniors, and small business owners that the real tax cuts you deserve are on the way.



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