Herb McMillan Calls Out Steuart Pittman Tax Hike Proposals in New Video


Think taxes are too high in Anne Arundel County?

You’re not alone. In fact, most residents think taxes are too high and Herb McMillan agrees. In fact, Herb has been the leader in the fight for tax reform as a delegate in Annapolis and now as the leading candidate for Anne Arundel County Executive.

Recently, Herb McMillan addressed the issue in a new video released on Facebook. In it, Herb calls out current County Exec. Steuart Pittman for disguising tax proposals as Covid-19 relief measures. You read that right – Stu Pittman wants to raise your taxes and is calling it Covid relief.

Video Transcript-

Steuart Pittman! Not you again! What do you want now? Seriously? You want two brand new taxes? A new “progressive” income tax increase and a new property sales tax increase? New taxes are part of your “recovery” Program?

Give me a break. Stu Pittman never met a tax he didn’t like, or try to hike. Not me. I have a proven record of cutting taxes, wasteful spending, and fighting to keep more of your money in your pocket; and more experience and success doing it than all of my Republican primary opponents combined. They talk the talk, but I’ve walked the walk.

If you want a fiscally conservative county executive that gets it done, vote Herb McMillan for County Executive. Because it’s your money.

Had enough of Steuart Pittman? Join our campaign today.

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