Happy Thanksgiving

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On the fourth Thursday of November we set aside a day
To give thanks for all we have, and to pray.
That the Lord will continue to bless our land
And guard and guide us with His benevolent hand.

As we contemplate our blessings, it’s easy to see
That the best things in life seem to be free.
Life, family, friends, faith and our health
Are where most of us find our greatest wealth.

Yet many have given up these blessings so we could have ours.
Bless them Lord, and place them among your stars.
At the tables where a soldier’s seat is empty today
Fill it with Your love, and our thanks, we pray.

Like any big family, we sometimes fight.
Politics may divide us, but You guide us with Your light
For we all love Liberty, and we all love this land.
The things that unite us are more numerous than the sands.

So as we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day,
With Turkey and football, and families at play.
Let us open our hearts to what brings us together;
May we be united, free, and blessed, always and forever.

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