Putting parents and children over politics will strengthen our school system and better prepare our children for college, careers, and life.

Herb McMillan brings his experience as a dad, public servant, PTA president, and member of the Anne Arundel County Education Committee in the General Assembly to urge that we get our schools back to basics - focusing on a strong educational foundation for our children and recognizing that parents know what’s best for them.

Herb consistently supported budgets that increased funding for county schools without raising taxes. He co-sponsored legislation to increase accessibility in higher education for the disabled, and supported new school construction to keep class sizes small. He’s also been a strong supporter of charter schools and equal funding of books for public and parochial schools.


"Herb was a caring, strong advocate for parents as a PTA president. Herb is the leader we trust to protect our children's curriculum from the progressive's political agenda, to keep class sizes small, and to keep parents, not unions and politicians, in control of their children's future."

Amy Tanner

Pasadena, Maryland

As County Executive, Herb will work with the School Board, County Council, and General Assembly to prioritize our children’s educational needs and work towards their best interest.

This includes:

  • Ensure that parents, not unions and politicians, are recognized as the ultimate authority in deciding what's best for their child.
  • Promoting the equality of all Americans in our schools, and ending racially decisive Critical Race Theory, which has no place in our classrooms.
  • Focusing on a strong STEM curriculum and expanding the STEM program.
  • Protecting school choice, including homeschooling, and supporting more charter schools.
  • Ending School Board restrictions on the number of parents who can testify at public hearings. The School Board works for parents and should listen to them.
  • Increasing support and funding for school resource officers to keep our children and faculty safe in the schools.
  • Ensuring daily, on-schedule transportation for our children to and from school. Children should not miss school because we fail to provide them with transportation, and parents cannot afford to miss work. We will recruit drivers, including veterans who have driven military vehicles and trucks, and ensure sufficient buses for the larger routes while using smaller alternatives like county vans for the routes with fewer children.

Let’s take back our schools and education system from the progressives and give our children great academic opportunities for a stronger future.

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