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As we recover from the economic challenges of Covid, a Biden-Pittman tax-and-spend agenda that fuels inflation, cuts your paycheck, and kills jobs is the wrong strategy.

Herb will work with our County Council, General Assembly, and Congressional representatives to lead Anne Arundel into the post-Covid era by:

  • Cutting taxes – including income and property taxes
  • Eliminating wasteful government spending
  • Strengthening the business climate and attracting new businesses, creating more jobs, and securing more revenue through cuts in the property tax rate and income taxes.
  • Fighting to bring more existing federal and state dollars to fund important county projects, while ensuring the county budget is funded within the tax cap.
  • Advocating for an end to the current automatic gas tax increases. Gas taxes that increase automatically with the consumer price index cost you more at the pump and drive up inflation.


In every office in which he served, from councilman to state delegate, as well as President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, Herb McMillan has led the fight for a government that lives within its means - just like we do.

Herb’s experience in cutting taxes and wasteful spending shows he can get things done for you in the fight against higher taxes and wasteful spending. He has been a relentless advocate for taxpayers…Because it’s your money!

"We cannot have a weak Republican running Anne Arundel Government. We have to elect Herb McMillan County Executive."

Sandra Blankenship

Linthicum, Maryland

The Fiscal Conservative Anne Arundel County Needs Right Now

There is only one candidate in the race for Anne Arundel County Executive conservatives can trust to restore fiscal order to local government.

That leader is Herb McMillan. Join Our Campaign Today. 

A Quick Look at Herb’s Fiscally Conservative Record

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Faithful Service. Proven Experience. Trusted Leadership

  • As a councilman, Herb not only sponsored and passed property tax cuts, but also funded more police officers,  and increased patrols in high-crime neighborhoods.
  • As a state delegate, Herb was a sponsor of legislation to reduce the tax burden on our families and small businesses, while voting against over 100 tax and fee increases.
  • Herb co-sponsored state budgets to increase education and public safety funding without tax increases.
  • Herb opposed billions in tax-payer subsidies for wealthy corporations like Amazon, because he believes we should be cutting taxes for our small businesses, not subsidizing companies whose CEOs are billionaires.
  • Herb opposed in-state tuition and other state benefits for illegal immigrants, because he believes your tax dollars should be spent on law abiding citizens and legal immigrants.

Join our campaign. Together we can ensure Anne Arundel County elects a County Executive who is a tested, true conservative leader, with the fiscal values our families and businesses deserve.

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