America’s Work Ethic-A Labor of Love


I think that’s how it is for most Americans. Our strong work ethic comes not just from a love of labor; it is more a labor of love. Perhaps that’s why our work ethic, and our country, is so strong; and why we should take a day off to celebrate it.

Of course, “who” we’re working for also has a lot to do with why we work so hard. My Mom worked at home raising seven rowdy and rambunctious children. My Dad punched the clock at 3 different jobs daily for many years, so that together they could give their children more advantages and a better life than they had. For my Mom and Dad, working hard to provide for us was not only a source of pride and fulfillment; it was also an act of love.

Why do we work so hard? Perhaps because in America, hard work is rewarded. We keep more of what we earn than just about any country in the world (and we should-because it’s your money)

Americans are workers. We tamed a wilderness that spanned a continent to build the greatest country in the world. New York’s skyscrapers, Detroit’s factories, Kansas’s wheat fields, and California’s computer industry-not to mention the railroads and interstates that connect them-bear testimony to the hard work and determination of our forefathers. We’ve inherited their strong work ethic; even today, statistics show Americans to be among the most productive and hardest working workers in the world.
Have a great Labor Day.

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