Over the last three years, county government has not been the solution to our problems; county government has been the problem.

From mandated business lockdowns a judge called, “arbitrary and capricious,” to unnecessary classroom closures which harmed our children, to school bus routes that leave children stranded and parents frustrated, county government under Steuart Pittman has become oppressive and inept. An administration that has increased spending by 18% has given us almost nothing to show for it. Steuart Pittman’s county government has become very good at raising taxes and telling you what to do, but it’s a been a failure at serving you.

I have a different view of county government. We are not government’s subjects. “We the people,” choose our government to represent and serve us. To paraphrase what President Reagan said about America, “I’m convinced the majority of Anne Arundel Countians want what their forebearers wanted; a better life for themselves and their children; and a minimum of government authority.”

As your County Executive, I will restore county government to its proper place.  Our county government will serve you. County employees will work in their offices, not from home,  so they can provide personal assistance to you, at your convenience. The county services for which you’re taxed will be delivered efficiently and effectively. Our administration will carefully review county agencies and departments to determine where we can streamline services, incorporate better automation and technology, reduce costs and improve service. We will also scrutinize county-funded programs and activities to validate their cost, value, and necessity, to ensure that we are not paying more for less. Anne Arundel County has smart, experienced people with private sector expertise who can help us improve county services. We’re going to listen to what they say, and use that information to better serve you.

Finally, I’m committed to a county government that is transparent, accessible, and ethical. We will share government information fully and transparently because it belongs to you. Your county government will be held to the highest ethical standard, in recognition of its responsibility to serving you.

It’s time to check and rein in the growth of a county government that has expanded its power and size even as it has failed to deliver basic services. As your County Executive, I will rein in the growth of county government, and make it work—work for you, not over you; and stand by your side, not ride on your back. Because it’s your government; and it’s time for your government to deliver.


McMillan is the one conservative in the race for County Executive who actually means what he says: a smaller, more responsive government. He's got my vote. 

Tammy Doring

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