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Herb McMillan

for Anne Arundel County Executive

...Because it's your money

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I’m running for Anne Arundel County Executive because I love this county, and the people who live here; I can’t bear to watch it systematically destroyed by either an incompetent ideologue, or a political machine with its own selfish agenda.

We can do better, and I’ll do a better job for you than anyone else.



Having raised my family in Anne Arundel, I know how hard people here work.

Having raised my family in Anne Arundel, I know how hard people here work. That's why it is so discouraging when socialists like Steuart Pittman reach deeper into your pocket to fund yet another program that won't work.That’ll change on my watch. I know you deserve to keep more of what you earn, and can spend it far more wisely than the government. I’m the fiscally responsible leader who’ll fight to lower taxes and cut wasteful spending- and you know that’s true, because I have a proven record of doing exactly that.

I believe that government exists to serve the people, not itself. That’s why I’ve been the Republican leading the charge to safely reopen our schools and businesses, while others remained quiet. As we restart our economy, I’ll focus on creating quality jobs by allowing small businesses to grow in an environment of less regulation and lower taxes. I’ll be on our small businesses side, not on their backs.

The Pittman Administration’s excessively restrictive, unscientific Covid policies, coupled with his tax increases, have been devastating to our children, our businesses, and our workers. As your next County Executive, you can count on my proven record of strong values, independent thinking, and fiscally conservative principles to get Anne Arundel County back on course.

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: we need trusted, proven, and common-sense leadership to take us forward. Let’s work together towards a future that puts Anne Arundel families, communities, and small businesses first!

...Because it’s your money!

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